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Father Paul Bilecki's Mission and Christian Genocide in the Middle East

There is an horrific and ongoing genocide of Christians in the Middle East, especially in the Levant. Sadly, these atrocities are widely ignored by western media. Father Paul Bielecki, MD, Cappuchan Friar, devotes his life to helping Christian refugees as the leader of a missionary hospital in Lebanon and in many other ways in response to one of the worst humanitarian crises in world history.

At the mission, Father Paul and his team treat Christians wounded and dying at the hands of Jihadists.
Also, Father Paul and his network help frightened and suffering Christians relocate to safe havens around the world.

As a frequent guest on Ask the Lawyer, Father Paul exposes this humanitarian crises and shares how the number of those living in fear or die at the hands of Jihadists continues to climb.

Below are some photos and videos depicting life in the refugee camp.

These Christians must be relocated to new countries where they can find jobs, homes and restart their lives, which have been disrupted by war and violence.  With the help of Father Paul and his mission, these families are able to have the opportunity for a second chance at a “normal” life.

Forced to live in horrid, sub-standard conditions in dilapidated buildings Christians in Lebanon wish simply to live their lives in peace and without fear of being killed simply for their beliefs.


Please watch some of Father Paul's videos about what is happening to Christians living under Sharia tyranny:

Living conditions for Christians in Beirut

Living conditions for Christians in Beirut

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