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Ask the Lawyer 12/30/17 - Bill Mumy, Michael Korda and George Marlin

Many of you remember Bill Mumy as the young actor who played Will Robinson on “Lost In Space” or for his memorable “Twilight Zone “performances. While he is an acclaimed actor, Mumy is also an accomplished musician with several solo albums and hits with the bands America, Barnes & Barnes and his newest group – a collaboration with John Cowsill and Vicki Peterson – the Action Skulls. Mike Connors talks with Bill Mumy this weekend on a special Ask the Lawyer this weekend about the new band, how they formed, where they came up with the idea and about the actor/musician’s amazing career. We also play a track from the Action Skulls.
Mike also welcomes historian Michael Korda, who discusses the mythology about Confederate General Robert E. Lee versus the conventional wisdom about the man who surrendered to Gen. Grant to end the #CivilWar. We learn more through the lens of a European-born scholar about who Lee was, why he felt loyalty to the state of #Virginia over his own personal principles and how the General really felt about Slavery, secession and the reasons he decided to raise the white flag. Korda will be the featured speaker at the January 8, 2018 Civil War Roundtable of New York City dinner event at 3 West Club in Manhattan. For tickets and information, please visit
Mike also welcomes George Marlin, who discusses the 10 archbishops of New York over the past 200 years from “Dagger” John Hughes through today. Marlin’s book, “Sons of St. Patrick,” chronicles the struggles of the #CatholicChurch in New York and New York City though the past two centuries.

Ask the Lawyer 12/23/17 - John Wayne's conversion to Catholocism

John Wayne is one of Hollywood history’s most heralded actors. His big-screen presence is considered legendary, but his life off-camera was quite private. Wayne’s values had always dictated his life and career choices. He eventually converted to Catholicism. Mike Connors talks with the acclaimed actor’s daughter, Melinda Munoz, about his religions ascension this weekend on Ask the Lawyer.
Also, Father Paul Bielecki once again joins Mike Connors to discuss how his mission healing and protecting Christian refugees in Lebanon has been doing in recent months as well as the current political situation in the Middle East.
It all begins Saturday night at 6 on AM 970 The Answer, New York. The show will also re-broadcast next Saturday on AM 570 The Mission.

Ask the Lawyer 12/16/17 - Ed Bearss on "Fighting" Tom Sweeney

The Great #Historian Ed Bearss is back with Mike Connors this weekend as he will tell the story of one of the Civil War’s most interesting characters: General Thomas Sweeney.
Bearss delves into some of “Fighting Tom” Sweeney’s most storied exploits including his battle victories, how he held down his defense of Fort Donelson, his relationship with General Ulysses Grant, how he lost his arm, how he won a fight with two fellow generals with only one arm and what the General did after the #CivilWar.
Also, Mike welcomes Frank Meila, Reverse Mortgage Specialist at Quantico Bank, who will discuss how reverse mortgages work, their benefits and some new rules for them for 2018.

Ask the Lawyer 12/9/17 - Michael Grimm's comeback

Rep. Michael Grimm is running to represent New York’s 11th Congressional District again. The former Congressman talks about his decision with Mike Connors on Ask the Lawyer this weekend.
Grimm, a vocal critic of the Obama administration when he was in Congress, was investigated by the Department of Justice and found guilty of some financial improprieties concerning his family restaurant business. He opens up about what happened, he talks about his past as an FBI undercover agent, the upcoming Congressional campaign and some of the top issues affection the nation today.
Mike also talks with noted historian James "Bud" Robertson about the man behind what most know about General Robert E. Lee. They discuss the Confederate military leader’s thoughts on slavery, his loyalty to the state of Virginia, why he chose the CSA over a post with the Union and why he felt it was important to surrender to Gen. Grant when he did.
Robertson will be the featured speaker at the December 11th Civil War Roundtable of New York dinner event at 3 West Club in Manhattan. For information on future speakers, please visit
As always, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air

Ask the Lawyer 11/18/17 - My Pillow creator's story of faith, overcoming addiction and success

Mike welcomes #MyPillow creator and CEO Mike Lindell, who tells his story about how he built his business while recovering from crack and cocaine #addiction though his faith and perseverance.
Michael Foley joins Mike again, this time to discuss his new book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Christianity,” coming out on Monday, November 20th.
Also, noted #CivilWar Historian William “Jack” Davis delves into the leadership acumen of Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee.

Ask the Lawyer 11/11/17 - Veterans Day Special

We proudly present our Ask the Lawyer #Veterans’ Day special.
Mike Connors airs a classic interview where Tony Lo Bianco reads his famous piece, “Just a Common Soldier,” from his documentary of the same name.
Mike also broadcasts his interview with two very special veterans: Jose Hernandez and Tom Karnes. The two men were serving in the First Calvary Division when their unit was engaged in battle on a hilltop near Bon Song in Vietnam on Feb. 22, 1966. Hernandez was severely injured while the unit came under heavy enemy fire and Karnes dressed the wound, ultimately saving his friend’s life. This bonded the two men together forever. The two lost touch after the war, but were reunited a few years ago when Karnes set out to look for Hernandez and the two reunited.
Also, Mike welcomes Jennifer Hammond, star realtor from Washington DC and radio personality who compiled a book to help veterans find the many services available, but often not known to them titled, “101+ Resources for Veterans: the Ultimate Resource Guide.”

Ask the Lawyer 11/4/17 - Kevin and Sam Sorbo

If family friendly faith-based #movies with a #positive message are increasingly popular, why aren’t more being made? Are the Hollywood elite suppressing such ideas? Kevin and Sam Sorbo think so, they co-star in their latest movie, “Let There Be Light.” The Sorbos talk with Mike Connors on this weekend’s Ask the Lawyer.
The story, written by Sam Sorbo, directed by Kevin and produced by Sean Hannity, focuses on a staunch atheist college professor whose worldview is challenged by a personal tragedy. The Sorbos also discuss with Mike Hollywood’s atmosphere and attitudes toward faith-based movies and ways to support efforts to create and set such films to screen.
Mike also talks with historian Michael Korda, who chronicles what happened at the famed #Dunkirk evacuation in May of 1940. His book is titled, "Alone: Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk: Defeat Into Victory."

Ask the Lawyer 10/28/17 - Moore on Gen. Rosecrans

Historian David Moore, who wrote the definitive biography on the lesser-known leader, “William S. Rosecrans and the Union Victory: A #CivilWar Biography,” talks with Mike about the West Point Graduate’s exploits and battle victories – and his failure in #Chattanooga – as well as why Rosecrans did not get along with many of his fellow generals which led to his politically-charged dismissal. General Rosecrans was also a businessman, inventor and possible Lincoln running-mate for the 1864 campaign.
Moore will be the speaker at the November 13 Civil War Roundtable of New York City dinner event at 3 West Club in Manhattan; it is their annual “#WestPoint Night.” For tickets and information, please visit

Ask the Lawyer 10/21/17 - NY Baseball Memories: Bobby Brown and Eddie Bressoud

Mike Connors talks with two rather interesting ballplayers who were part of New York #Baseball History.
Bobby Brown was not only a big part of some of the #Yankees’ best teams including the 1947 and 1949-51 champions, he was also American League President, a physician and is a veteran of both World War 2 and the Korean War. Brown talks with Mike about his playing days, how he studied to be a physician, having Casey Stengel as manager and some of his 1947 and 1949 World Series heroics.
Mike also welcomes Eddie Bressoud, an All-Star shortstop who is one of only two players to play with both the New York Baseball #Giants and the New York #Mets.

Ask the Lawyer - 9/30/17

Mike welcomes Patrick Wayne as Connors & Sullivan is hosting a special fundraiser for the John Wayne Cancer Institute at the Bay Ridge Manor on Monday, October 9th, 6-9pm. Patrick Wayne and some doctors from the #JWCI will be there that evening as well. Patrick discusses some of the research being done at JWCI and looks back to when he was on set with his father, John, and his godfather, John Ford.
Also, Mike talks with Dinesh D’Souza, commentator, document creator and author, about his new book, “The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left,” in which D’Souza delves into the major players of the Socialist-Left movement through its history and today.
As always, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nur

Ask the Lawyer 9/23/17 - Patrick Wayne and the writher of The Last Poker Game

Mike welcomes Patrick Wayne as Connors & Sullivan is hosting a special fundraiser for the John Wayne Cancer Institute at the Bay Ridge Manor on Monday, October 9th, 6-9pm. Patrick Wayne and some doctors from the #JWCI will be there that evening as well. Patrick discusses some of the research being done at JWCI and looks back to when he was on set with his father, John, and his godfather, John Ford.
Mike also talks with Dr. Howard Weiner, the Director of the Multiple Sclerosis program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, who wrote the movie “The Last Poker Game,” starring Martin Landau and Paul Sorvino.

Ask the Lawyer 9/9/17 - George Mendeluk and Dinesh D'Souza

Mike welcomes two excellent pasts guests again to the show:
Dinesh D’Souza, commentator, document creator and author, talks with Mike about his new book, “The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left,” where he delves into the major players of the Socialist-Left movement through its history and today.
Also, Mike once again discusses Holodomor with Film Maker George Mendeluk, whose movie about Josef Stalin’s genocide of the Ukrainian people, “Bitter Harvest,” is now available on DVD. Mike and Mendeluk go further in-depth about Holodomor, the New York Times’ blatant cover-up of the holocaust, why President Roosevelt would not address what was happening under the Soviet regime and how it matters in the context of what is happening in domestic and world politics today.

Ask the Lawyer 9/3/17 - Halls of Fame

What's The 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame class was inducted in July, but the debate as to who belongs there, who doesn’t and who has been forgotten continues. Mike Connors welcomes to outspoken guests on the subject:
Sports Illustrated writer Jay Jaffe, author of The Cooperstown Casebook: Who's in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Who Should Be In, and Who Should Pack Their Plaques says Cooperstown should soon welcome the likes of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens despite their involvement with performance-enhancing drugs because they were the most dominant players in their era. Jaffe, does, however, believe Bill Mazerowski and Pie Traynor are among those in the Hall who do not belong.
Mike also discusses the topic with former All-Star Major Leaguer Ron Hunt who says integrity matters and says no halls of fame should entertain the idea of letting athletes who use PEDs to gain advantages in. This also comes in the wake of the St. Louis Athletic Hall of Fame inducting Mark McGwire this year.
Hunt also talks about his mentor, Solly Hemus, who was also a great second baseman. Hunt credits Hemus for taking him under his wing as a rookie and making him a better all-around player.this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Ask the Lawyer 10/26/17 - "A Savage War"

While the Civil War is considered one of the most devastating, yet important parts of the story and building of our nation to what it is today, the conflict between the American North and South was also an important turning point in world military history.
Military Historian Dr. Williamson Murray talks with Mike Connors about how the Civil War’s effect on warfare in the coming century, which he chronicles in his book, A Savage War. Dr. Murray discusses how weaponry, trench warfare and other military strategies used during the nation-dividing altercation would greatly influence other wars around the world.
Dr. Murray will speak at the next Civil War Roundtable of New York City Dinner event on September 13, 2017. For tickets and information, visit their website:
Also, Mike has a conversation with Fr. Thomas More of the Dominican Friars Foundation, headquartered at 65th and Lexington in Manhattan about planned giving.

Ask the Lawyer 8/19/17 - with James Parks

Actor James Parks talks with Mike Connors on this weekend’s Ask the Lawyer. Parks, the son of Michael Parks, talks about his father’s career, influence on him as an actor, his father’s friendship with director Andrew V. MaLaglen and his own acting exploits.
James Parks is known for his roles in several movies, many of which were produced and/or directed by Quentin Tarrantino. Both Parks’ appeared together as father/son team Earl and Edgar McGraw in some of Tarrantino’s movies.
Mike also welcomes Michael Foley, author of Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner's Guide to a Holy Happy Hour, as the two discuss fine beverage mixtures to go along with many of the Catholic Holy Days.

Ask the Lawyer 8/12/17 - Bruce Campbell and Tony Spera

You know him as “Ash Williams,” “Sam Axe,” “Jack Stiles,” “Autolycus,” “Brisco County, Jr.” or any of his many different television or movie characters. Bruce Campbell talks with Mike Connors on this weekend’s Ask the Lawyer as he is heading out for a signing tour supporting his new book, Hail to the Chin: The Further Confessions of a B-Movie Actor.
Campbell discusses the making of some of his movies, a trip to the Middle East with “Burn Notice” co-star Jeffery Donovan, thoughts on Hollywood, his newest TV series “Ash vs. the Evil Dead” and the book.
Also, with the release of “Annabelle: Creation” in the newest movie in the “Conjuring” franchise, Mike talks with Ed and Lorraine Warren’s son-in-law and current Executive Director of the New England Society for Psychic Research, Tony Spera.
Spera reveals the truth behind the movies, Annabelle, some of the Warrens’ other famous investigations and upcoming events featuring Lorraine Warren.
As always, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air

Ask the Lawyer 8/5/17 - Original Tukeegee Airman Harold Brown

It took 21 years after World War I ended for the U.S. Armed Forces to train African-American pilots after a hard-fought fight for that right. Hence, the birth of the 332nd Fighter Group and the 477th Bombardment Group, better known as the Tuskeegee Airmen. They were very important contributors to the allies’ victory over the Axis Powers in World War II.
One of the Original 933 #TuskeegeeAirmen, Col. Dr. Harold Brown, will be Mike Connors’ guest this week on Ask the Lawyer. Brown flew several victorious combat missions, was shot down and spent time in a Nazi POW camp and served with the Army until 1965. He tells his story in his book, “Keep Your Airspeed Up,” from his love of planes during childhood, his training, facing heavy Jim Crow-era discrimination in the South after being brought up in Minnesota to his military and post-military careers.
In addition, William Hazelgrove joins Mike again to discuss his newest book, this one about how Theodore Roosevelt's move west made him the man who would later become president. It's titled "Forging a President: How the Wild West Created Teddy Roosevelt."

Ask the Lawyer 7/29/17 - World War I with Ed Lengel

A plethora of documentaries and books have been written about World War II, The Civil War, The American and French Revolution and other major military confrontations throughout history. In comparison, however, not much has been aired or written about World War I, the result of which arguably set the tone for foreign relations for over the rest of the century.
Is World War I something of a “forgotten war?” Ed Lengel, who talks with Mike Connors on the next Ask the Lawyer, discusses the importance of the Great War and how it shaped future events in Europe and around much of the world. Lengel, who is also the Chief Historian at the White House Historical Association, has written a number of books about WWI, including “Thunder and Flames: Americans in the Crucible of Combat, 1917-1918 (Modern War Studies),” his most recent.
Also, Mike welcomes Joe Boland, Vice President of Mission at Catholic Extension. His organization aids Catholics in remote areas who do not have direct access to churches, working to bring them to the faithful in such isolated locations.

Ask the Lawyer 7/22/17 - Eric Bolling and Father Paul Bielecki

Eric Bolling, FOX News Channel host, says Donald #Trump really can drain the proverbial swamp in Washington despite resistance, critics and the odds. The popular commentator describes how it can be done in his new book: The #Swamp: Washington's Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It. Bolling joins Mike Connors to talk about it on this weekend’s Ask the Lawyer.
Also, Father Paul Bielecki joins Mike once again for a discussion focusing on his hospital mission for Christian #refugees in Lebanon and the continued plight of those persecuted for their beliefs in the Middle East.

Ask the Lawyer 7/15/17 - Ron Hunt's Eagles Baseball Fundraiser

Ron Hunt was best known for his superb hard-nosed play on the field and fearless approach to hitting. He still loves his game and knows what it means to be an honest, hard-working honorable player inside and outside of the baselines. This is why the former Mets standout opened the Ron Hunt Eagles Baseball Association: to teach young ballplayers not only the fundamentals of baseball, but many other principles of life including self-discipline, getting along with others, taking responsibility upon oneself, being a team player and equality.
On July 20, MCU Park in Coney Island will host the annual Ron Hunt Eagles Baseball Association fundraising tournament, which will feature four excellent local teams facing off during a full day of baseball. As Hunt continues to recover from recent heart surgery, Co-organizer Tom Dixon and Brooklyn Cyclones Assistant General Manager Gary Perone talk with Mike Connors about the event and Hunt’s non-profit organization this weekend on Ask the Lawyer.
Mike also welcomes local author Angel Ramos, whose thought-provoking book, "Archaeologist of a Word," will challenge your mind and could make you think quite differently about the world around you.

Ask the Lawyer 7/8/17 - Don Murray and Nicole Maliotakis

Don Murray’s first big acting role was opposite Marilyn Monroe in 1958’s “Bus Stop.” Since then, the two have had an unbreakable friendship. Both Monroe and Murry went on to have successful careers until the former’s untimely passing in 1962.
Murray, whose many acting credits include “Knots Landing,” “Crisis in Mid-Air” and “Peggy Sue Got Married” recently completed a book about Marilyn Monroe. He talks about it with Mike Connors on this weekend’s Ask the Lawyer.
Fans of “Twin Peaks” have also been seeing Murray on the show’s third season as “Bushnell Mullins.” The famed actor tells Mike a bit about his character, what it is like to work with David Lynch and some of his thoughts on the show’s revival season.
Also, Mike welcomes NY State Assemblywoman Nicole Maliotakis, who recently announced her campaign for New York City Mayor. She will discuss some of the city's hottest issues as she embarks on a tough Republican primary season.

Ask the Lawyer 7/1/17 - Fighting Tom Sweeney (w/ Ed Bearss)

One of the most intriguing Generals of the Civil War was Fighting Tom Sweeney. Among his many exploits and adventures, General Sweeney lost his arm in battle, led several major military victories, beat two bi-armed fellow generals in a brawl, had three court-martials dismissed and found a creative way to solve the desertion problems among Union soldiers. He won favor with General Ulysses Grant and despite the charges against him, Sweeney retired with a General’s rank and pension.
The great historian and story-teller Ed Bearss tells the story of “Fighting” Tom Sweeney as only he can with Mike Connors this weekend on Ask the Lawyer.
It all begins Saturday night, 6-7pm, on Ask the Lawyer with Mike Connors on AM 970 The Answer and Am 570 The Mission, New York #civilwar #history #edbearss #fightingtomsweeney

Ask the Lawyer 6/24/17 - with Admiral James Stavridis

While we have historically celebrated the world’s greatest land battles, strategy at sea was and still is extremely important to determining world power and dominance from the ancient times into today.
Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Commander of #NATO Forces, discusses his new book on the subject, Sea Power: The History and #Geopolitics of the World’s Oceans, with Mike Connors on this weekend’s Ask the Lawyer. Admiral Stavridis also looks at the US’ maritime policy and what is needed to protect the waters from pirates, terrorists and other dangers.
Also, Mike welcomes Monseigneur Alfred LoPinto and former #NHL standout Jean Potvin of Catholic Charities of #Brooklyn and #Queens about the organization’s upcoming Bishop’s Humanitarian Awards Dinner on Wednesday, June 28th at Cipriani’s in Manhattan.

Ask the Lawyer 6/17/17 - On Gen. Meagher and Lefty O'Doul

Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn will unveil a bust of the great Civil War General and former Montana Territory Governor Thomas Francis Meagher at a special ceremony there on July 1. While the General’s wife and several other Civil War heroes are buried there,Meagher's remains were never recovered, so the landmark Cemetery will honor him with the bust on the 150th anniversary of when he fell overboard from the steamboat G. A. Thompson. Jeff Richman, Green-Wood Historian, joins Mike Connors this week on Ask the Lawyer to talk about Gen. Meagher, the event and some of the many famous people laid to rest there.
Also, Mike talks with author Dennis Snelling, who authored a biography of baseball great Lefty O’Doul. While his career batting average was a healthy .349, O’Doul was probably best known for playing a major role in bringing the sport to Japan. Who knows? Without O’Doul, we may have never had Ichiro Suziki, Hideki Matsui or Hideo Nomo. Snelling’s book, Lefty O’Doul: Baseball’s Forgotten Ambassador, goes in-depth on his work on the field and overseas.
As always, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air

Ask the Lawyer 6/10/17 - Buchanan on Nixon's Presidency

Richard Nixon’s presidency was met with angry protests, enmity from influential members of the mainstream media and an increasingly polarized nation (sound familiar?), all despite offering a peaceful olive branch asking both parties to work together during tumultuous times. Mike Connors talks with Pat Buchanan, who was there when Nixon took office in 1969 this weekend on Ask the Lawyer.
Buchanan chronicles the conflicts and political challenges the former President faced and tried to overcome in his latest book, Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles that Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever. The also discuss the political climate of the time, how Nixon had to deal with several political enemies while still trying to bring the two opposing sides in Congress together, how if Nixon took important advice from Buchanan he would not have had to resign the Presidency and the confrontations that overshadowed his accomplishments as Leader of the Free World.
Also, Mike welcomes David Limbaugh, who talks about his new book, “The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels.”
In addition, Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens CEO Monseigneur Alfred LoPinto and former NHL player Jean Potvin (also of CCBQ) talk with Mike about the upcoming Bishop’s Humanitarian Awards Dinner on June 28th at Cipriani’s in Lower Manhattan.

Ask the Lawyer 6/3/17 - Joseph Pearce and the War Poets

From a notorious hate-monger to a prominent advocate of love and faith, Joseph Pearce turned his life into a positive force. Now, the Director of the Center for Faith and Culture at Aquinas College and an in-demand speaker, he is also a renowned writer. Pearce’s new play, “Death Comes for the War Poets,” will be performed at the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture on Bleecker Street in Manhattan June 9-24, with a special discussion including Father Peter Cameron on the stage... June 8th. Joseph talks about his creation this weekend on Ask the Lawyer with Mike Connors.
Death Comes for the War Poets grapples with the horror of trench warfare as experienced by two of the greatest poets of the First World War, Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. Featuring the poetry of Sassoon and Owen, the drama asks: How does one cope with the horror of war? Is there room for hope? And what of the Spirit of Death? Can Death itself be changed?
Also, Chris Bryce, the Chief of Interpretation at Petersburg National Battlefield, talks with Mike about President Lincoln’s historic visit to that location during the Petersburg campaign of the Civil War. Bryce will speak at the June 14, 2017 Civil War Roundtable of New York dinner event at 3 West Club in Manhattan. For more information or tickets, visit their website:

Ask the Lawyer 5/27/17 - Memorial Day Special

Audie Murphy was one of America’s most decorated soldiers of World War II. Not only was he honored with every military combat award for valor designated by the U.S. Army, he received medals for heroism from France and Belgium as well. Among his many accomplishments, Murphy received the Medal of Honor at the age of nineteen after single-handedly holding off an entire company of German soldiers for an hour at the Colmar Pocket in France in January 1945, then leading a successfu...l counterattack while wounded and out of ammunition. Murphy would later embark on a successful 21-year movie career, making more than 40 feature films and a TV series.
For our Memorial Day special beginning this Saturday night on Ask the Lawyer, Mike Connors welcomes David A. Smith, who wrote the definitive biography of Audie Murphy, THE PRICE OF VALOR: THE LIFE OF AUDIE MURPHY, where he not only chronicles the war hero and movie star’s many great feats, he delves into Murphy’s personal life and battle with what is now known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is Smith’s second appearance discussing the book and Murphy’s life on Ask the Lawyer.
Mike also welcomes Ray Aalbue, the Committee Chairman and Executive Director for Brooklyn’s 150th annual Kings County Memorial Day Parade.

Ask the Lawyer 5/20/17 - Exceptional Women and Their Stories

This weekend on Ask the Lawyer, Mike Connors welcomes Robin Weaver, President of the Women’s National Republican Club in Manhattan. She discusses the achievements of several extraordinary women during recent history and through the present. Her profiles of these great ladies are chronicled in her book, Exceptional Women and their Stories.
Also, Elin Bergithe Rognlie, the Consulate General of Norway in New York, joins Mike to tell our listeners more about the meaning of Norwegian Constitution Day as well as Sunday’s parade and other festivities in Bay Ridge.
We will also hear Tony Lo Bianco reads the poem, “Just a Common Soldier.” His documentary film of the same name will run at a special screening in Times Square during the morning of May 23.

Ask the Lawyer - Genicide in Syria, Black Money and Norwegian Constitution Day

Helma Adde is an #Assyrian American woman born in Chicago and currently living in Long Island, New York, where she is a school teacher. In 2015, the commemorative centennial year of the Assyrian Genocide, Helma participated in a project that took her all the way back to her roots in the Assyrian homeland. She journeyed to Northern #Iraq and Southeastern #Syria to film “Our Last Stand,” a documentary that aims to reveal the plight of Assyrians struggling to survive under the threat of this modern day #genocide at the hands of radical Islamists in the region.
Helma discusses her trip, what she saw, the plight of Assyrian Christians and the making of “Our Last Stand” with Mike Connors this weekend on Ask the Lawyer.
Also, Mike talks with former Mafia Captain Mike Franzese (now of Mike Franzese Ministries) who turned his life around by using his criminal experiences of the past to help governments track down Black Money: finances being covertly and illegally funneled to terrorists and their nation-sponsors.
In addition, Arlene Rutuelo tells us about the upcoming #NorwegianConstitutionDay festivities set for #BayRidge on the weekend of May 20 and 21.

Ask the Lawyer 5/6/17 - "The Promise" Director Ralph Winter

In 1915, The Ottoman Empire began a systematic and lengthy genocide of the Armenian people within its borders that resulted in an estimated 1.5 million deaths. Sadly, this holocaust has been virtually ignored and, many times, outright denied by very powerful people in the West and Middle East. Attempts by American producers to create movies about the extermination of Armenians were quashed a number of times by our own U.S. government.
It was only until this year when someone stepped up to bring the story of the Armenian Holocaust to theaters: Producer Ralph Winter recently unveiled The Promise, a story set during the Ottoman Empire’s Genocide, not leaving out the viciousness and gruesome nature of the slaughter at the hands of the Ottomans.
Winter talks about The Promise with Mike Connors on this weekend’s Ask the Lawyer. During the conversation, Winter tells Mike why he took on the project, his personal connection to the Armenian Genocide, the story, how he made the movie, his cast and some pushback he received from very powerful people (as well as an unhappy Turkish government).
Also, Mike welcomes historian John Strasbaugh, who discusses New York City’s role in the Civil War from the Draft Riots to the Profiteers to seditious activities. Strasbaugh will receive the 2017 Fletcher-Pratt award at the next Civil War Roundtable Dinner on May 10, 2017 at 3 West Club in Manhattan. Ticket information can be found at

Ask the Lawyer 4/29/17 - Marty Appel on Casey Stengel

Casey Stengel was the only man to don the uniforms of the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, New York Yankees and New York Mets baseball clubs. While he was a revered manager and one of the game’s great personalities, Stengel was also a star player.
Marty Appel, former Yankees PR Director, recently wrote what is being called the definitive biography of the baseball lifer, “Casey Stengel” Baseball’s Greatest Character.” Appel will be Mike’s guest on this weekend’s Ask the Lawyer.
Appel talks with Mike about Casey’s playing days, how his managerial prowess was discovered, years spent managing teams with thin talent before taking the helm of what would become the powerhouse Yankees teams of the 1950s and his coming to the expansion Mets in 1962 – shortly after being fired by the Bronx team.

Ask the Lawyer 4/22/17 - Former KGB Spy Jack Barsky

Former KGB spy Jack Barsky talks with Mike Connors on this weekend’s Ask the Lawyer. Barsky, who used to be known as Albrecht Dittrich, was an East German citizen picked by the Soviet espionage syndicate to infiltrate the US, get close to important people in the technology industry and gather intelligence for the Kremlin.
After assuming his new identity, Barsky wound up wanting to stay in America as he learned over the years the anti-U.S. propaganda from Soviet leaders was false. During his career as a spy, Barsky enjoyed living in the states so much, he even started a new family in addition to the one he had in East Germany until finally “resigning” from the KGB and faking his death. Barsky tells all in his new book, Deep Undercover: My Secret Life and Tangled Allegiances as A KGB Spy in America

Ask the Lawyer 4/15/17 - Ed Henry on Jackie Robinson

On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson officially broke the color barrier blocking black baseball players from taking a Major League field in the sport’s modern era when he started at first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers. We all know the story, we heard the legend and we have seen his stats, but who was Jackie Robinson outside of the uniform? What was Jackie Robinson, the family man and community member like?
Author and Fox News Channel Commentator Ed Henry looks deep into who Jackie Robinson was and how faith was an important driving force for the superstar in his new book, 42 Faith: The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story. Henry, Mike Connors’ guest this weekend on Ask the Lawyer, chronicles the private Jackie Robinson, the one who kept strong amid racial prejudice throughout MLB and its fans, his good nature at home and the Hall of Famer’s reverence of his faith in God through his own writings and sermons.

Ask the Lawyer 4/8/17 - Marc Eliot on Charlton Heston

During his extraordinary acting career, Charlton Heston played the likes of Marc Anthony, Moses, Billy the Kid, Judah Ben-Hur, El Cid, Michaelangelo and Henry VIII. He was a special big screen presence whose performance seemed to life that of all those performing with him. A stellar actor who inspired greatness, Heston achieved legendary status with both the Hollywood community and its fandom.
Biographer Marc Eliot joins Mike Connors on Ask the Lawyer this weekend to talk ab...out his new bio, Charlton Heston: Hollywood’s Last Icon. Eliot delves into the actor’s life through research, interviews with family and friends as well as unprecedented access of his personal writings. Eliot captures who Heston was both in public and in his private life in his book.

Ask the Lawyer 4/1/17 - Orlando Cepeda

Hall of Fame ballplayer Orlando Cepeda was one of Major League Baseball’s greatest hitters during an era when pitchers dominated so mightily, the league had to change the height of the mound. As Baseball season begins on Monday, April 3, Mike Connors talks with the legendary ballplayer this weekend on Ask the Lawyer about his career, growing up in Puerto Rico, his return to baseball after some trouble with the law and his humanitarian work.
Also, Mike welcomes Peggy Grande, who was President Ronald Reagan’s Executive Assistant for ten years after the Gipper left office. Grande tells Mike about who Reagan was away from the spotlight and the personal impact he had on everyone around him in her book, “The President Will See You Now: My Stories and Lessons From Ronald Reagan’s Final Years.”

Ask the Lawyer 3/25/17 - The Real Dodge City

“Get out of Dodge” is a common phrase in the American lexicon, but what was it really like in the old Dodge City, Kansas from the classic western stories and movies? Who, really, were top lawmen Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson?
New York Times columnist and Historian Tom Clavin talks with Mike Connors on this weekend’s Ask the Lawyer about his latest book, Dodge City: Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and the Wickedest Town in the American West. Clavin reveals what life was really like in one of the most important, yet dangerous, cities in the Old West. It was a major business hub, a gathering for entrepreneurs and bad guys alike. As Dodge City grew, more saloons and brothels would sprout up and attract more con-men, gunfighters and desperadoes. Keeping order there was a job for tough lawmen like Earp and Masterson.
Clavin chronicles the real life adventures of legendary figures immortalized by Hollywood who gravitated to Dodge City to trade, work, just pass through uphold justice or do dastardly deeds.

Ask the Lawyer 3/18/17 - The Immortal Irishman, General Thomas Francis Meagher

One of history’s more intriguing, yet lesser-known figures is General Thomas Frances Meagher. While best known as a Civil War hero, he also led the “Young Irelanders” movement, started a rebellion in Britain, escaped a Tasmanian prison colony, founded an Irish newspaper in New York City and scouted Costa Rica for potential immigration for his countrymen before becoming a Union officer.
During the Civil War, Meagher formed the famous Irish Brigade, which figured prominently in several key campaigns after winning the Battle of Fair Oaks. He would later be immortalized in song (two of which, performed by David Kincaid, will be played on this weekend’s Ask the Lawyer).
After the nation re-united, Meagher did not quit, he would become the Secretary and Acting Governor of the untamed Montana Territory.
New York Times Columnist Timothy Egan chronicles Meagher’s extraordinary life in his book The Immortal Irishman. Egan will be Mike Connors’ guest on this week’s Ask the Lawyer.

Ask the Lawyer 3/11/17 - Director George Mendeluk and Sheriff David Clarke

85 years ago, Soviet Dictator Josef Stalin committed one of the largest genocides in world history when he engineered a mass starvation of the Ukrainian population. Scholars say up to 12 million ethnic Ukrainians were murdered during Holodomor. Sadly, many still know little about Stalin’s atrocity, which was hidden at the time by New York Times reporter Walter Duranty and absent from Russian history classes (as well as many in the West). Director George Mendeluk, whose mother... escaped Stalin’s starvation, created the new movie Bitter Harvest, which tells the story of Holodomor through the eyes of two main characters.
Mendeluk talks with Mike Connors this weekend on Ask the Lawyer about the movie, his mother’s journey, why it is important to expose the horrors and the truth of Holodomor and the why the Ukranian genocide has not been taught in many western World History classes.
Also, the man who came to be known as “America’s Sheriff,” David Clarke, will join Mike. Sheriff Clarke discusses our radically polarized society, the out-of-control protests, violence toward law enforcement officers, the truth about the Black Lives Matter movement, better ways to improve police-community relations and his book: Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime Politics for a Better America.

Ask the Lawyer - 3/4/17 - Claude Jarman, Jr.

One of the most well-loved young stars of the 1940s and 50s was a boy who was discovered by MGM Studios at the age of 10. Claude Jarman, Jr. made an immediate impact on screen as “Jody” on The Yearling. He earned an Academy Award for his performance. Other career highlights include his role as “Trooper Yorke” in Rio Grande and his participation in a 1949 film project of which he is particularly proud, Intruder in the Dust.
Jarman talks with Mike Connors this weekend on Ask the Lawyer about his career, some off-the-camera stories, why he left Hollywood as a young man, what he has been doing since and an upcoming autobiography.
Also, Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, discusses the his friend Norma McCorvey, known to most as “Jane Roe.” Father Pavone tells Mike about McCorvey’s problems as a youth, tough family life, her three pregnancies (the third of which led to the 1973 Supreme Court decision), how she did not want her abortion attempt to become a national case and how it ultimately turned Norma into an anti-abortion activist and brought her into the Catholic Church.

Ask the Lawyer 2/25/17 - Battle of the Crater and a Conferderate Con Artist

Two of the nation’s finest Civil War Historians join Michael Connors this weekend on Ask the Lawyer:
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters will take us back to the Battle of the Crater and discuss African-American soldiers’ contributions during the deadly war. After some Union battle setbacks, morale was low and recruits were sorely needed. Soon, many brave men of African descent donned the blue uniform and took to arms to fight the rebels of the south. Lt. Col. Peters tells the story of one... of their finest displays of courage and battle acumen.
Also, William “Jack” Davis uncovers what he says is the story of a grifter whose place in American history may be a complete con: Loreta Janeta Velazquez. While she was said to have disguised herself as a man to fight with and spy for the Confederacy, Professor Davis contends that archival research reveals Velazquez to have been a thief and a fraud who assumed several names until her death in 1923. Davis details his findings in his book, “Inventing Loreta Velásquez: Confederate Soldier Impersonator, Media Celebrity, and Con Artist.”


Ask the Lawyer - 2/18/17 - Ed Bearss on the Buffalo Soldiers

This weekend on Ask the Lawyer, Mike celebrates the accomplishments of the Buffalo Soldiers by airing an encore conversation with noted Civil War Historian and World War 2 Veteran Ed Bearss, who guides us through the history and heroics of the African American servicemen fought bravely during the Civil War.
Bearss brings to life the Buffalo Soldiers’ history, their fierce battles, their trials and their honor as only a storyteller of his caliber can.
Mike also welcomes Henry Capello, Executive Director and CEO of Caritas In Veritate International, a Catholic-based world-wide charity organization on a mission to bring charity and restoring dignity to those suffering and in need of hope around the globe.

Ask the Lawyer 2/11/17 - Burgess Owens and Msgr. Lo Pinto

Burgess Owens, Former NFL standout and author of Liberalism – or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps, appears once again with Mike this weekend on Ask the Lawyer. Owens discusses the current political climate, the history of the Republican Party and African Americans in the US after the Civil War.
Also, Msgr. Alfred LoPinto, CEO of Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens, highlights the services his organization provides and how people can learn of what the group provides or how to help.
As always, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air

Ask the Lawyer 2/4/17 - Julio and Marla Quintana on "The Vessel" and Rev. Dr. Alveda King

After seeing The Vessel at a special screening, Mike Connors invited its creators, Julio and Marla Quintana, on Ask the Lawyer this weekend to talk about the film. It stars Martin Sheen as a priest who tries to help heal a small community after a devastating tragedy years ago. Mike and the Quintanas discuss the concept of the movie, its inspiration and stories from behind the scenes.
Also, Reverend Dr, Alveda King, evangelist, of Priests for Life, talks with Mike. She discu...sses the future of the Pro-Life movement with a new administration in Washington.

Ask the Lawyer 1/21/17 - Ron Hunt and Tom Peterson

While we congratulate Jeff Bagwell, Ivan Rodriguez and Tim Raines for being voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, the impending induction of former Commissioner Bud Selig re-opens the question about whether or not to let known performance-enhancing drug users like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez in as well. Mike Connors talks once again with former Major Leaguer Ron Hunt, an outspoken critic of PEDs and one of the standout ball players of his time, who says there is no way they should be enshrined in Cooperstown.
Mike’s conversation with Ron Hunt will be aired on Ask the Lawyer this weekend.
Also, Mike welcomes Tom Peterson, Founder and CEO of Catholics Come Home, about faith, his path and how he and his organization are working to help people who left the Church to come back.
As always, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air

Ask the Lawyer 1/14/17 - with Dion Dimucci and Father John Sheehan

Growing up in the Bronx, Dion Dimucci earned respect in his neighborhood singing on the local street corners and porch stoops. He and some other musician friends would later get together, practice on the subway and, as Dion and the Belmonts, would become rock music pioneers. Among the band’s many hits were the iconic “Runaround Sue,” “The Wanderer” and “Teenager in Love.”
After the British Invasion, however, Dimucci fell into severe drug and alcohol addictions as his stardom began to fade. At the point where he thought about taking his own life, he realized God had better plans for his life. Soon, Dion would rehabilitate and get sober.
His musical career took a major turn forward: he would record music more reflective of his talents to critical acclaim. He would also release several religious-inspired albums to celebrate his putting his life back in God’s hands.
Dion’s latest album, “New York Is My Home,” was released in 2016; the title track is a duet with fellow folk-rocker Paul Simon. The longtime singer will perform at the Legatus Summit commemorating the organization’s 30th Anniversary in Naples, Florida on the weekend of January 26-28.
Dion Dimucci tells his story to Mike Connors as his guest this weekend on Ask the Lawyer.

Also, Father John Sheehan will join Mike to talk about his time with Xavier Society for the Blind and where he is going next.(Photo of Fr. Sheehan with Mike Connors taken by Vito Catalano at a special 2015 event featuring Rudy Ruettiger in NYC)

Ask the Lawyer 1/7/17 - Rich Little and Michael Faulkner

By popular demand, this weekend on Ask the Lawyer, we will air an encore presentation of Mike’s interview with The Man of 1,000 Voices, Rich Little, about his memoir: “Little By Little: People Who I Have Known and Been.” The legendary comic offers some of his greatest impressions, how he developed his talent and anecdotes with other celebrities. Catch Rich Little live the next time you are in Las Vegas.
Also, Mike welcomes Former New York Jets Football Player Rev. Michael Fau...lkner, pastor for New Horizons Church and one of the men seeking the Republican Party nomination to run for Mayor of the Big Apple against incumbent Bill De Blasio. Mike and Rev. Faulkner discuss city policy and major issues for the 2017 election season.
As always, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air

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