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Ask the Lawyer 12/16/`15 with Jennifer O'Neill and Jean Potvin

Mike welcomes movie star and Wounded War Veterans’ advocate Jennifer O’Niell.
Jennifer and Mike will discuss the “Summer of ‘42” actress’ long and interesting career, her upcoming autobiography “Cover Story,” how she became a born-again Christian and Hillenglade: Ms. O’Neill’s therapeutic horse-riding stable and grounds built for veterans who were wounded or suffering from PTSD and their families.
Also, former NHL star Jean Potvin updates us on some of the great things Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens are doing.
As always, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air.

Ask the Lawyer 12/19/15 - Christmas Special

This week we bring you our Ask the Lawyer Christmas Special.
We will air Mike’s conversation with Karolyn Grimes, who played young ZuZu Bailey in the classic holiday movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” They discuss the movie, some behind-the-scenes stories, Carolyn’s career and her recent endeavors.
Mike also welcomes Brother Kevin Griffith, Provincial President (North America) of Edmund Rice Christian Brothers, discusses the good work, missions and school facilities founded ...and operated by the charity. Brother Kevin also offers the tragic and inspiring life story of Blessed Edmund Rice.
In addition, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air.

Ask the Lawyer - 12/12/15 - Focus on Charities

During the Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday season, we highlight some of the good things people and charities are doing in our local area and around the world. This week, Mike welcomes to Ask the Lawyer leaders from two fine organizations.
Gabriel DelMonico, Executive Director at Boys' and Girls' Towns of Italy, and Sister Mary Ann Daly, Regional Coordinator for the Sisters of Charity of New York, join Mike this weekend to discuss their groups' work to help those in need.

Ask the Lawyer 12/5/15 - with Father Pawel and Rep. Fortenberry

Muslim refugees from the Middle East, he has thought little about raising the nation’s admissions limit to help bring in Christian refugees from the same region who face persecution, kidnappings and violent executions regularly at the hands of Muslim extremists.
Father Dr. Pawel Bielecki of the Capuchin Order leads a mission to provide help and shelter for Arabic Christians in Lebanon who have spent much of their lives in constant danger and fear of oppression simply for their beliefs.
Father Pawel joins Mike Connors and Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebraska), an outspoken opponent of Obama’s foreign and immigration policies for a special Ask the Lawyer roundtable discussion about the plight of Christian refugees in the Middle East, what they face every day and why U.S and other Western leaders have paid little attention to them as opposed to their sudden needs to import tens of thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria.

Ask the Lawyer 11/28/15 - with P.J. O'Rourke and Ed Bonekemper III

Mike Connors talks once again with political satirist P. J. O’Rourke. The acclaimed author offers his comedic take on today’s hot issues and discusses his new compilation book, Thrown Under the Omnibus.
Also, historian Ed Bonekemper joins Mike as the two delve into the former Confederate states’ myth of the “Lost Cause” of the Civil War. Bonekemper will be the speaker at the December 9, 2015 Civil War Roundtable of New York dinner at 3 West Club in Manhattan. To find out how to reserve your seat that evening, go to .

Asl the Lawyer 11/21/15 - with Garry Kasparov and Brian Kilmeade

While Russian President Vladimir Putin is getting all kinds of praise from around the world for his attacks on ISIS and occasional shirtless photo-ops, his treatment of his own people and handling of overall foreign policy is dangerous and cunning at the same time. That’s according to Chess Grand Master and former Russian Presidential Candidate Garry Kaspaarov, who reveals Putin’s machinations in his new book, Winter Is Coming, Kasparov talks about Putin, what is really on with dissenters in Russia, the truth behind the Ukraine and Chechnya conflicts as well as how our own policy toward the former Soviet Union motherland has been naive at best over the past decade.
Also, Mike talks with Brian Kilmeade about his latest book, Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History, a look at how the third U.S. President handled of the nation’s earliest engagements against overseas terrorists.
In addition, Lt. Col. Stephen Ryan joins Mike to talk about the November 25th Evacuation Day events. More information on the festivities can be found here.

Ask the Lawyer 11/14/15 - General Patton Special

This week's Ask the Lawyer is a tribute to the great General George S. Patton, who was instrumental in the allies’ World War II victory and who continues to be an inspiring figure to many of the great leaders of today.
Mike will have a conversation about the General with his grandson, writer Robert Patton, as they discuss the general, his place in history and the Patton family’s overall exemplary military service history.
Also, film director Robert Orlando will talk ...with Mike about his upcoming documentary, “Silence Patton.” The piece delves into efforts to minimize General Patton’s influence, his importance and stifle his warnings against Societ expansion into Europe.
As a special treat, two local World War II veterans, General Jerome Richards and Frank Tambone discuss their wartime experiences with General Patton.

Ask the Lawyer - 11/7/15 with Gavin McInnes and Tony Lo Bianco

This weekend on Ask the Lawyer, political satirist Gavin McInnes joins Mike as they discuss the Canadian election, its aftermath and thoughts on the 2016 U.S. Presidential race.
Also, Mike welcomes famed actor Tony Lo Bianco, who is screening his short film, “Just a Common Soldier,” at a special Veterans Day event in New York.

Ask the Lawyer 10/31/15 - with Military Historian LTC Sherman Fleek and SI DAA Candidate Joan Illuzzi

Mike Connors welcomes U.S. Military Academy History Instructor LTC Sherman Fleek, who will discuss the impact of West Point graduate Major General Wesley Merritt on the Civil War. LTC Fleek will be the speaker at the November 11, 2015 Civil War Roundtable of New York dinner at 3 West Club in Manhattan as the group holds its annual West Point Night. To find out how to reserve your seat that evening, go to .
Mike will also interv...iew Staten Island D. A. Candidate Joan Illuzzi. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3.

Ask the Lawyer 10/24/15 with James Drury and Lana Wood

This week on Ask the Lawyer, Mike welcomes actor James Drury, best known for his role as “The Virginian,” about his long and distinguished career.
Also, Mike talks with actress Lana Wood, a Bond girl and well-known for her portrayal of little “Debbie” in The Searchers. Lana will reveal some backstage stories on the set and what it was like as a young girl to work with John Wayne and John Ford.

Ask the Lawyer 10/17/15 - with Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis and Joe Concannon

This week on Ask the Lawyer, Mike Connors airs his conversation with Joe Concannon, the former NYPD Captain running for New York City Council’s 23rd District in Queens. He is also the founder of Square Deal, an organization aimed at improving relations between the NYPD and those they protect.
Mike also welcomes Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who will discuss Common Core and immigration issues.

Ask the Lawyer - 10/10/15

This week, Mike broadcasts his conversation with Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island.”
Robert Spencer, founder of Jihad Watch, will also join Mike to discuss his new book, “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS.”
In addition, NY Times Best Selling Author and investigator Ed Klein will talk with Mike about his latest work, “Unlikeable.”

Ask the Lawyer - 10/3/15 - How the WashingtoN_Jefferson rivalry led to events causing the Civil War

This weekend on Ask the Lawyer, Mike Connors welcomes historian Tom Fleming, who will be the featured speaker at the upcoming Civil War Roundtable of New York dinner on October 14. Fleming will discuss how the rift between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson paved the way for the events leading up to the Civil War, a rivalry the scholar chronicles in his book, “The Great Divide.” For reservation information to the event, go to
In addition, Mike welcomes Frederick Czbaldo, Chairman of the Pulaski Day Parade, which took place in Manhattan on Sunday, October 4th.
Also, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air.

Ask the Lawyer 9/27/15 - with Fran Tarkenton

Former New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Fran Tarkenton will join Mike to talk about his new book, THE POWER OF FAILURE. Tarkenton discusses how he succeeded in football and his post-gridiron entrepreneurial career by learning from failures. The NFL Hall-of-Famer also addresses some of the league’s current issues and how the NY Giants can turn their season around (Thursday night was a good start).
Also, Mike and Dr. Michael Augenbraun, Chief of the Department of Infectious Diseases at SUNY Downstate Medical Facility, will have a conversation surrounding the influenza vaccine as flu season approaches.

Ask the Lawyer 9/19/15 - Russian WW2 veteran and NYC Council Candidate Joe Concannon

This weekend on Ask the Lawyer, Mike welcomes another World War 2 veteran. Peter Shteinwotzel served with the Soviet Army’s artillery division on the Stalingrad Front, helping stop the Germans from moving in to the city now known again as St. Petersburg. (with a special thank you to Galyna Korchak of Connors & Sullivan for being our interpreter).
Mike also talks with Joe Concannon, an ex-NYPD officer and founder of police support organization Square Deal. Concannon is running for New York City Council in District 23.
Also, Mike takes calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air

Ask the Lawyer 9/12/15 - A tribute to Andrew V. McLaglen

This weekend on Ask the Lawyer, we will air a special tribute broadcast to the late great director Andrew V. McLaglen.
First, we will play an encore interview between Mike Connors and Andrew V. McLaglen. Afterward, Mike talks with Andrew’s son, Josh McLaglen, who is also a well-sought-after assistant director who has worked on several major films as well, including “Titanic” and “Avatar.”

Ask the Lawyer 9/5/15 - with General Jerome Richard and Civil War Roundtable of NYC President Paul Weiss

Mike Connors continues his series of discussions with veterans of World War II as he welcomes General Jerome Richards to the studio.

Mike and Civil War Round Table of New York City President Paul Weiss will also offer highlights of the coming 2015-2016 speakers for their monthly dinner events.

Ask the Lawer 8/29/15 with Lt. Col. Ralph Peters


This weekend on Ask the Lawyer, Mike talks with Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, who will be the featured speaker at the Civil War Roundtable of New York City’s September 9th dinner. Peters discusses the battles between the Union and Confederacy for control of the Shenandoah Valley, which are the focus of his historical novel: Valley of the Shadow. To reserve your seat at the Civil War Roundtable of New York City Dinner on September 9th at 3 West Club in Manhattan, go to http://


Mike also continues his series of conversations with World War II Veterans in honor of the 70th anniversary of V-J Day with Frank Tambone.

Ask the Lawyer 8/22/14 with Hugh O'Brien and WW2 Veteran Morris Kravitz

Mike saddles up with the star of TV’s “The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp,” Hugh O’Brian. The famed actor discusses his career, new book his service and the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation.

Mike also talks with World War II veteran Morris Kravitz.

Ask the Lawyer 8/15/15 - 70th Anniversary of V-J Day

Conversations with World War II Veterans

August 15th was be the 70th anniversary of V-J Day, the day Japan, the last of the Axis powers to fall, surrendered to the allies and effectively ended World War II .

This weekend on Ask the Lawyer, Mike Connors sits down with two WWII veterans, Ray Hughes and Dino Lamia, to discuss where they were and their reflections on that important date in world history.

Also, Mike takes your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes

Ask the Lawyer 8/8/15 - with Ed Bearss on Grierson's Raid

Mike Connors once again welcomes noted Civil War historian and decorated World War 2 Veteran Ed Bearss, who will bring us back to Grierson’s Raid. Bearss also offers his observations on the movie based on the campaign, “The Horse Soldiers.”

Also, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air

Ask the Lawyer 8/1/15 - On fighting Al-Shabaab in Ease Africa

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This week on Ask the Lawyer, Mike talks with Lt Colonel Stephen Ryan. He is back from an assignment in Djibouti, where the Army is training East African ally soldiers to help fight against versus Al-Shabaab. He discusses the progress of the mission and the U.S. Army’s efforts to train out regional allies’ troops in the effort.

Miek also takes listeners’ calls on elder care, elder law, taxes, probate and estate planning.

the progress of the mission and the region's volatile situation.

Also, Mike will take your calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air.

.. the progress of the mission and the region's volatile situation.

Ask the Lawyer 7/25/15 - On the Iran Deal

What do you think of the Iran Nuclear deal negotiated by Obama and Kerry? Will it achieve peace in our time or will it be a complete disaster? On this week's Ask the Lawyer, Mike Connors tackles these questions and breaks it all down with Nile Gardiner, Director of The Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom and The Heritage Society.

Also, Mike takes calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air.

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Ask the Lawyer 7/18/15 with John Sununu on President George H. W. Bush's legacy

What do most Americans really know about the presidency of George H. W. Bush? While the war hero and former CIA Director presided over the fall of the Soviet Union, initiated Operation Desert Storm, signed the Americans with Disabilities Act and helped engineer a recovery from the 1987 market crash, his modesty and humility were two of his greatest characteristics, says Mike Connors’ guest on Ask the Lawyer, John Sununu. In his book, The Quiet Man, Bush’s Chief of Staff (1988-1991) and the former governor of New Hampshire says the former President’s nature may have overshadowed his many accomplishments and wisdom as the leader of the free world. Sununu and Mike discuss the legacy of President George H. W. Bush.


Also, Mike will takes listeners'calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs live on the air

Ask the Lawyer 7/11/15 with Michael Parks

With 54 years in film and television, Michael Parks is well-known to three generations of movie-goers. Whether you remember him best as Adam in John Huston’s “The Bible: In the Beginning,” Harold Shulman in “ffolkes” or the walrus-crazy Howard Howe in “Tusk,” Michael Parks has made in impact in a variety of move and television show genres. Parks will be Mike Connors’ guest on Ask the Lawyer this Saturday night with stories about some of his most interesting roles, working in Hollywood and words of wisdom the actor gave to his son, who aspired to perform on-screen.

Also, Mike will take listeners' calls on elder law, estate planning and protecting your assets from taxes, probate and nursing home costs.air.

Ask the Lawyer 7/3/15 with Harlow Unger and Ann Coulter

This week on Ask the Lawyer, Mike Connors welcomes noted historian and author Harlow Giles Unger about the subject of his latest book, John Marshall: The Chief Justice who Saved the Nation. History classes tend not to teach enough about Chief Justice Marshall, whose impact on American History is as important as any of our Founding Fathers.

Mike also welcomes Ann Coulter once again to the show. Ann goes in-depth on illegal immigration issues and recent pushes for amnesty as covered in her latest book, Adios, America!

Ask the Lawyer 6/27/15 - What made Gen. Robert E. Lee side with the South? Also, What Can I Do if My Loved One is Being Mistreated in a Nursing Home?

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This week on Ask the Lawyer, Mike discusses the very important question about what to do if you have a relative in a nursing home who is not being taken care of properly with New York City Elder Abuse Attorney Deborah Truhowsky. Also, Mike welcomes Jonathan Horn, former speech writer for President George W. Bush and historian, who wrote an interesting biography on General Robert E. Lee: “The Man Who Would Not Be Washington.” Horn’s work looks into the life of the famed Confederate General, his U.S. Army career and what made him decide to side with the south.


In addition, Mike will talk with Dr. Maggie Dinome of the John Wayne Cancer Institute and Chief of General Surgery for St. John’s Health Center in Los Angeles, about the great strides in cancer research being made at JWCI.

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Ask the Lawyer 6/20/15 - "The Searchers" Special with Patrick Wayne and author Marc Eliot

This week's show is dedicated to the classic film, "The Searchers," starring John Wayne. Mike airs conversations with Patrick Wayne, John's son, and Marc Eliot, author of American Titan: Searching for John Wayne.

Ask the Lawyer 6/13/15 - with Orson Bean

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This week, Mike Connors airs his conversation with longtime actor Orson Bean. They discuss Bean’s career on both the big and small screens as well as what the performer is doing presently.

Ask the Lawyer 6/6/16 - with Max Evans, Rudy Ruettiger and Fr. John Sheehan

This week, Mike Connors welcomes Max Evans. Who is best known for writing “The Rounders” and other classic Westerns. In his latest book, “Goin’ Crazy with Sam Peckinpah and His Friends,” Evans reflects on the legendary director through some interesting and hilarious stories.

Also, Mike airs his conversation with Rudy Ruettiger, motivational speaker and the main focus of the movie “Rudy.” Ruettiger talks with Mike about his story of perseverance, his faith and how he helps others today. Rudy Ruettiger is coming to New York City for a fundraising event with Father John Sheehan and the Xavier Society for the Blind. Father Sheehan will talk about “An Evening with Rudy,” set for June 12, 2015 at the New York Athletic Club with Mike as well.

Ask the Lawyer 5/30/15 with Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

While many novels based on the Civil War are somewhat romanticized, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (FOX News Contributor and Historian) says he portrays its horrors and realities in a way never presented before in his latest work, Valley of the Shadows. This week on Ask the Lawyer, Mike talks with Lt. Col. Peters about the book, the battles for dominance in the Shenandoah Valley and the major players in those conflicts including Union General Philip Sheridan and his Confederate adversary General Jubal Early. Peters delves into the strategies and the personalities involved as the two sides fight over a very important section of Virginia.

Also, Mike welcomes former NHL Player Jean Potvin and Monsieur Alfred LoPinto of Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens to talk about their special fundraising dinner on June 3.

Ask the Lawyer 5/23/15 with David A, Smith on Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy was one of America’s most decorated soldiers of World War II. Not only was he honored with every military combat award for valor designated by the U.S. Army, he received medals for heroism from France and Belgium as well. Among his many accomplishments, Murphy received the Medal of Honor at the age of nineteen after single-handedly holding off an entire company of German soldiers for an hour at the Colmar Pocket in France in January 1945, then leading a successful counterattack while wounded and out of ammunition. Murphy would later embark on a successful 21-year movie career, making more than 40 feature films and a TV series. This Saturday night on Ask the Lawyer, Mike Connors welcomes David A. Smith, who wrote the definitive biography of Audie Murphy, THE PRICE OF VALOR: THE LIFE OF AUDIE MURPHY, where he not only chronicles the war hero and movie star’s many great feats, he delves into Murphy’s personal life and battle with what is now known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Mike also welcomes Ray Aalbue, the Committee Chairman and Executive Director for Brooklyn’s 148th annual Kings County Memorial Day Parade, which begins at 11am on May 15, 2015. You can also find out more about the parade here:

Ask the Lawyer - 5/16/15 - with Dana Perino

This week, Mike talks with former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, who is now a host of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” about her new book, AND THE GOOD NEWS IS. In addition, Mike welcomes former NHL Player Jean Potvin and Monsieur Alfred LoPinto of Catholic Charities of Brooklyn to talk about their special fundraising dinner on June 3. Brian Long, the Chairman of the Bishop’s Dinner for Scouting in Brooklyn and Queens, also joins Mike to highlight their May 20th fundraiser and the important role scouting has in shaping the lives and values of young people.

Ask the Lawyer 5/9/15 - Ed Bearss and Msgr. Jaime Gigantiello

This week, Mike welcomes the renowned historian Ed Bearss, who relives the Vicksburg Campaign. Bearss will speak at the May 13th Civil War Roundtable of New York dinner, where he will receive the Fletcher-Pratt Literary Award. Information on the event can be found here.

Mike will also have a conversation with Msgr. Jamie Gigantiello of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, who will discuss the importance of maintaining the beautiful historic churches in the borough.

Ask the Lawyer 5/2/15 - with Dan Donavan and Mike Long

There is a special election for New York’s 11th U.S. Congressional District on May 5th, 2015. This week, Mike Connors talks with Republican Party candidate and current Staten Island D.A. Dan Donavan. Donavan discusses where he stands on major national and international issues and what he would bring to the table is he is elected to serve in the House of Representatives. Also, Conservative Party of New York State Chair Mike Long weighs in on the special election, a proposal to allow non-citizens to vote, the art of politics and the upcoming 2016 Presidential campaign. 

Ask the Lawyer 4/25/15 - The Armenian Genocide

April 24, 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide (Medz Yeghern). The total number of Armenians systematically murdered by the Ottomans is estimated to have been between 800,000 and 1.5 million. The holocaust continued through and after World War II. Men were exterminated while women, children and the elderly were sent on death marches leading to the Syrian Desert. To this day, the Turkish government continues to deny the atrocities had ever happened and they continue to whitewash that portion of their history.

 Mike Connors broadcasts his conversation with actor Mike Connors (best known as “Mannix”), who is an expert speaker and Armenian-American historian. They discuss the Armenian Genocide and its aftermath.

Ask the Lawyer 4/18 - Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

Several people, many of them young Jewish and Italian immigrant workers, perished in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire on March 25, 1911. It was one of New York City’s most horrific tragedies, shaking the entire population. Family, friends, co-workers and the rest of the city mourned the many who lost their lives in the days, weeks and years to come. Former New York State Senator Serphin Maltese discusses the fateful day and its aftermath with Mike Connors on this week’s Ask the Lawyer.


Sen. Maltese describes the working conditions at the factory, how the fire started, the desperation of the people inside, valiant rescue attempts and the grief the entire city felt. He also discusses his personal connection to the tragedy. Still, there was some good that came from the disaster: it became the turning point for improved working conditions and fire safety standards. The New York State Legislature formed the Factory Investigating Commission, which would conduct field studies and inspections resulting in 38 new laws regulating labor in the Empire State. In addition, the American Society of Safety Engineers was established as a result.

Ask the Lawyer 4/11/15

Mike Connors goes in-depth with Father Pawel Bielecki, a Capuchin Friar and missionary in Lebanon, about the plight of Christian refugees in the Middle East. Father Pawel has dedicated his life to helping keep Christian refugees in Lebanon safe and to re-start their lives after being displaced from their homes. Father Pawel describes the political unrest, the state of radical Islamic elements’ power in the Middle East and how we can help with his mission's efforts.


Also, Mike welcomes Col. Joseph Davidson, Garrison Commander at Ft. Hamilton in New York City. They discuss the history of the base, its role during the nation’s infancy and beyond, the famous military leaders who have served there and the role of Ft. Hamilton today.

Ask the Lawyer 4/4/15

Mike talks with former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who wound up in prison after a federal investigation as a result of his nomination to the Bush White House Cabinet’s Secretary of Homeland Security and subsequent withdrawal. He exposes what he learned inside and the abuses of our entire criminal justice system while proposing reforms in his new book: From Jailer to Jailed: My Journey from Correction and ...Police Commissioner to Inmate #84888-054.


Mike also welcomes original New York Met Jay Hook as they discuss this pitcher’s time with the lovable 40-120 team of 1962, earning the team’s first win, being on the losing end of several close games and his post-baseball successes.

Ask the Lawyer 3/28/15

Does Gil Hodges belong in baseball's Hall of Fame? Mike Connors’ guest on Saturday’s Ask the Lawyer believes he does. Mort Zachter, author of A Hall of Fame Life, will discuss the career of the famed player and manager who, despite his many achievements, has not been voted into the Hall. Zachter makes the case for Hodges, who hit 370 career home runs, was a great on-the-field leader, superb defender and managed the 1969 Mets to a World Series victory over the then-dominant ...Baltimore Orioles. Also, Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life joins Mike for a discussion on the value of life as the 10th anniversary of the death of Terry Schiavo approaches.

Ask the Lawyer 3/21/15

This week, Mike welcomes Steve Bucci, Director of the Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation, to the show. Bucci, who has served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense, offers insights on radical Islamic terrorism as well as response from the U.S. and Middle Eastern nations. Also, Judge John Ingraham will talk with Mike about the charitable work of the St. Patrick’s Society of Brooklyn and how to get ...involved.

Ask the Lawyer 3/14/15

The conflicts between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton are well known, but what is not discussed in the mainstream history books is the contentious political rivalry between Jefferson and George Washington. This week on Ask the Lawyer, Mike delves into the tension and political sparring between the two revered founding fathers with Tom Fleming, noted historian and author of The Great Divide: The Conflict Between Washington and Jefferson That Defined a Nation. Also, Mike celebrates St. Patrick's Day weekend with some music from David Kincaid.

Ask the Lawyer 3/7/15

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Mike Connors welcomes Dr. Alveda King to Ask the Lawyer to discuss the movie “Selma.” Also, Civil War Historian Karen Abbott, author of Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy, a book about female spies during the Civil War will join Mike for a conversation about the brave and cunning ladies in her book. Abbott will also be the featured speaker at the March 11, 2015 Civil War Round Table dinner at 3 West Club in New York, NY. Ticket information is at .

Ask the Lawyer 2/21/14

Mike Connors talks with Sen. Rick and Karen Santorum. The Santorums teamed up on a book, Bella's Gift, about the blessings they and their family received by raising their severely disabled daughter, Bella. It is a story about love, sacrifice, sharing and the joy their youngest daughter continually brings to the entire family.

Ask the Lawyer 2/7/15

Major League Baseball was segregated after an incident in 1887 caused by future Hall of Famer Cap Anson, when he demanded the Newark team not play its two black players in a game his Chicago White Stockings played against them. This led to ...owners no longer offering contracts to black athletes who, from then until 1947, were only allowed to play in the set Negro Leagues or barnstorm. Some of the greatest ballplayers came from the many teams that formed the Negro Leagues.
This week, Mike Connors and former Major League Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent discuss the Negro Leagues and their players. Vincent tells stories about their teams, the leagues’ heyday, the barnstormers, the greats who would become Major Leaguers and those were not fortunate enough to play in a time where they could don an American or National League uniform.
Vincent talks about legends like Jackie Robinson, Ernie Banks (who played in the Negro Leagues before joining the Cubs), Josh Gibson (pictured), Satchel Paige and many others. Vincent also reveals how Paige earned the nickname "Satchel."

Ask the Lawyer 1/31/15

Mike Connors talks with Father John R. Sheehan of the Xavier Society for the Blind. Mike also responds to your e-mails. If you have a question about elder law that you would like to have answered, e-mail Mike Connors at

Ask the Lawyer 1/24/15

This week on Ask the Lawyer, Allan Ryskind, son of screenwriter Morrie Ryskind, discusses his new book, Hollywood Traitors: Agents of Stalin, Allies of Hitler with host Mike Connors. Ryskind reveals several facts hidden from the history books about the Communist infiltration into the U.S. film industry, the “Hollywood Ten” and how they willfully served at Stalin’s bidding, how some classic movies needed to be “Stalin-approved” before release and how the media (as well as our school history books) managed to turn Hollywood’s agents of Stalin into victims of an unjust “witch hunt.” Ryskind exposes the truth hidden by the myths commonly spread about the Communist influence in film, the notorious Hollywood Ten and other screenwriters.

Ask the Lawyer 1/17/15

This week, Ask the Lawyer features discussions with Civil War Roundtable of New York City Chairman Martin Smith and George Schwartz, CEO of Ave Maria Funds. Mike and Martin Smith will talk about Civil War Roundtable of New York’s events and happenings as well as how you can become involved. Mike will discuss with George Schwartz the investment philosophy, ideals and performance of Ave Maria Funds.

Ask the Lawyer 1/10/15

Mike Connors welcomes actor Don Murray as they discuss his career and his upcoming book, Marilyn & Me, about his work and times with Marilyn Monroe. Also, St. Senator Martin Golden joins Mike to discuss the troubled situation between New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and the New York Police Department.

Ask the Lawyer 1/3/2015

Considered by many historians as one of the most gifted tacticians in U.S. military history, Confederate General Stonewall Jackson led many great Civil War campaigns. General Jackson was a trusted friend to General Robert E. Lee until his death in 1963 due to complications from pneumonia. Dr. Chris Mackowski, historian and Managing Editor of the Emerging Civil War Series, discusses General Stonewall Jackson’s part in the Civil War, his life, how his faith guided him and the circumstances of his death with Mike Connors on this week’s Ask the Lawyer.

Dr. Chris Mackowski will speak at the January 14th “Lee/Jackson Night” edition of the Civil War Roundtable Dinner. Find out how to get your tickets here.

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